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21 January 2011


Nowinski wrote the book "Head Games: Football's Concussion Crisis," which was a catalyst for change in the sports concussion movement. On Jan. 20, Nowinski was as a guest on NPR's Fresh Air broadcast on "Brain Injuries Haunt Football Players Years Later" where he talked about this public health concern.

Great article! Some kids of today go into sports which requires physical training, 'cause joining into sport means that you need to be physically fit. I don't want to disagree with the article written. They may have the facts and evidence so only to those active sports and non active members just don't forget to take care of oneself. :D

Pretty much all professional athletes experience cardiovascular problems later in life because of training, supplements (or drugs), the lifestyle of young people with too much money, etc. They also tend to have extremely bad joints and a lot retire because of injury that only causes more problems later in life. As bad as brain injuries are, sports stars will lead a shorter life than the average person. It's just too extreme an activity for a body to handle for that long - even in non contact sports.

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